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Sales Star of the Month – December 2022

Listers Toyota Grantham – Ryan Chuter

Customers want to feel excited about buying a new car, and the best way for sales staff to enable that is by being just as enthusiastic themselves. Ryan Chuter of Listers Toyota in Grantham, has done an excellent job of bringing his videos to life, and that’s why he is our Sales Star of the Month for December.

The video starts strongly with a friendly and engaging introduction, and with the car well-positioned on the forecourt, showing that Ryan has prepared well. All of the features on the car are shown and explained clearly, making the video easy for the viewer to follow, supported by smooth camera work and excellent use of CitNOW’s Multipart feature.

At the end of the video, Ryan rounds off with a personalised call to action that responds to the specific priorities of the viewer, completing a sales video that ticks every box. Well done, Ryan!