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Sales Star of the Month – April 2023

Sytner Jaguar Land Rover Stockport – Jonathan Elliott

The video that we’ve picked out for April’s Star of the Month was actually created by the presenter for his godfather. However, the effort that Jonathan Elliott of Sytner Jaguar Land Rover Stockport has gone to is still extremely clear, underlining what’s possible with a thoughtful, creative recording.

The intro stands out straight away, with Jonathan driving onto the forecourt and getting out of the car. The video then carries on at a good pace, with excellent use of the Multipart tool to stitch the different sections together seamlessly. There is a full overview of the key features, both interior and exterior, including some of the latest enhancements made to the model such as new headlights and entertainment screen, as well as some of its unique features like the vehicle’s small turning circle.

Concluding the video is a compelling CTA that entices the customer to give the purchase some serious consideration. Well done, Jonathan, for combining creativity with attention to detail!