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Sales Star of the Month – April 2022

Barretts Canterbury MINI – Emily Edwards

When customers make enquiries about a car that are technical, it’s vital to strike the right balance of delivering the information but still putting it in clear, accessible language. That’s exactly what Emily Edwards at Barretts Canterbury MINI has executed, and that’s why she is our Sales Star of the Month for April.

In this case, the customer enquired about an electric vehicle, and not only does Emily point out all the key design features, but also makes a side-by-side comparison with an internal combustion-engine model. Her detailing of the various spec details and in-car technology is very clear and easy to follow, and she’s also meticulous in explaining which features come with different levels of specification.

The enquiry came as part of an application for a test drive, which Emily highlights right at the start, and confirms the date for it at the end. Well done, Emily, for a thorough and professional video!