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Sales Star of the Month – October 2021

Peter Cooper Volkswagen Portsmouth – Edward Galligan

There’s a good balance to be struck between professionalism and informality when recording a personalised sales video. While providing the customer with all the information they need is vital, doing so with a warm, personable demeanour is just as important to engaging a customer’s interest. That balance is exactly what we’ve seen in our Sales Star of the Month for October, recorded by Edward Galligan at Peter Cooper Volkswagen in Portsmouth.

His speech from start to finish is friendly and talks to the customer in a very conversational way. This works especially well as he runs through the interior and exterior features. As well as pointing out all the plus points of the car, he’s also honest in showing a small area of bodywork damage, so that the customer gets the real view of the car’s condition. His sign-off is also clear in giving the customer information about what they need to do to purchase, as well as the inclusion of two years’ MOT.

Well done, Edward, for showing the way forward: videos that engage just as well as they inform.