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Sales Star of the Month – November 2021

Drive Vauxhall Aldershot – David Weatherhead

There are some things that can be achieved through video that simply can’t be done with photos or over the phone. Giving a comprehensive report of a car’s condition is one of them, and we’ve seen a great example recorded by November’s Sales Star of the Month, David Weatherhead of Drive Vauxhall Aldershot in Hampshire.

David starts with a very clear and informative intro, and highlights the fact that he’s paid attention to the presence of any stone chips in particular. He goes into great depth on each seat, panel, bumper and alloy, accompanying them with close-ups of each area in turn, and explains any easy remedial work that can be done to areas with minor marks or damage.

The video is ultimately an excellent example of how to inform a prospective customer about a used car: honest, clear, and engaging enough to build up confidence within the customer that they would be making a good purchase. Well done, David!