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Sales Star of the Month – March 2022

Hatfields Jaguar Liverpool – Tim Bush

First impressions count for a lot in any walk of life, so making a strong introduction to a sales video to grab a customer’s attention can make a big difference to its success. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from our Sales Star of the Month for March, Tim Bush from Hatfields Jaguar in Liverpool.

Tim’s intro is bright, enthusiastic and full of excitement about the quality of the vehicle. That enthusiasm continues through his walkaround of the car, discussing the practical uses of the vehicle at a good pace, and using accessible language throughout. His video is comprehensive, covering all the most important features inside and out, so that the customer gets the fullest possible picture of their prospective purchase.

The video is finished off with a quick round-up of all the features, using Multipart really well to stitch all the different clips together – and we especially enjoyed the shot taken within the boot to show Tim waiting on the outside. Well done, Tim, for a bubbly and creative video!