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Sales Star of the Month – June 2021

Inchcape Ipswich BMW – Ki Ellwood

Sales videos are an excellent opportunity to go into real detail about a particular model that a customer is interested in. June’s winner of Sales Star of the Month, Ki Ellwood of Inchcape BMW in Ipswich, has shown the way forward in how to get this right.

Straight away, Ki delves into the spec of the vehicle, including its black alloys, LED headlights and front parking sensors. He combines this attention to detail with a good mixture of passion and professionalism that helps bring the video – and the car – to life.

Ki doesn’t neglect the selling side of the video, either: he finishes off with helpful information on how the customer can reserve the car. But perhaps most important is that Ki references and highlights the panoramic roof, a particular feature that the customer had mentioned they were interested in.

Put all these elements together and the end result is a well-crafted video that portrays the car in a positive light and reaches out to the specific customer involved. Well done, Ki!