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Sales Star of the Month – July 2021

Lookers Volkswagen Carlisle – Nathan Hanby

Sales videos are an excellent opportunity to bring personalisation into the process, and reach out to customers in a way that makes them feel valued. Our Sales Star of the Month for July demonstrates this perfectly, and was recorded by Nathan Hanby at Lookers Volkswagen in Carlisle.

Nathan starts off by mentioning the customer’s name straight away and ensures the customer is up to date by referring to their previous phone conversation. He goes on to highlight the car’s specifics in the context of the customer’s specific needs, including the customer’s love of sportier cars, the mileage that he has been doing, and the ISOFIX points needed to install a baby seat.

On top of all this, Nathan adds demonstrations of the car’s infotainment system and its parking aids, and he does so with passion and professionalism that will help to engage the customer and encourage further interest. Well done, Nathan, for a video that really does tick every box!