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Sales Star of the Month – January 2022

Hatfields Jaguar Land Rover Shrewsbury – Amy Dowell

While sales videos can be hugely beneficial in engaging the interest of a prospective customer, they can be equally informative for customers who have placed an order and want to know more. Our Sales Star of the Month for January, Amy Dowell of Hatfields Jaguar Land Rover Shrewsbury, has demonstrated the effectiveness of these follow-up videos perfectly.

She starts the video by affirming that the customer’s deposit has been received, and then explains the exterior and interior details of the car, including the 360-degree cameras and driving modes. The video is both engaging and easy to follow, primarily through good use of Multipart which keeps the video moving along at a good pace. Amy concludes the video by acknowledging that the customer may want to see some other features, and asks them to get in touch if they’d like to see more specifics.

This video is ideal for keeping the customer excited, as well as ensuring that when the customer does take delivery, they’ll get up and running with their new vehicle easily. Great job, Amy!