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Sales Star of the Month – February 2022

Allen Ford Rugby – Waqar Hussain

Sales videos should be much more than just a run-through of a vehicle’s attributes: they’re a golden opportunity to bring a car to life through the enthusiasm of the presenter. That enthusiasm is something we saw in spades from our Sales Star of the Month for February, Waqar Hussain of Allen Ford Rugby.

Waqar is clearly a big fan of the car in question and that passion shines through right from the start of the video. His attention to detail is excellent, and he’s also used Multipart very well to bring different areas together and keep things moving at a good, engaging pace. A clear indicator of how meticulously he’s planned the recording is that many of his voiceovers seamlessly link into the next section.

This video is a perfect demonstration of why sales executives are selling something to be proud of just as much as they’re selling a car. Well done, Waqar!