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Sales Star of the Month – February 2021

Audi Neyland – Ollie Callen

The best salespeople are those who can share their enthusiasm for the product with their customers. An excellent example of this in action can be seen here from our Sales Star of the Month winner for February, Ollie Callen from Audi Neyland in Pembrokeshire.

Right from the start, Ollie combines an excellent shot of the car in the forecourt with enthusiastic and enticing language that encourages the prospective customer to keep watching. He also strikes the right balance of explaining the more technical parts of the car and its spec without sounding like he’s reading out a list of stats, and uses Multipart excellently to transition from exterior to interior. Completing the approach is Ollie’s reminder to the customer that he works for an approved Audi dealer and explaining why that’s the preferred option.

Put all these elements together and you get a video that brings the car to life, brings enthusiasm and excitement to the customer, and delivers a thorough explanation that adds facts to the emotion. Well done, Ollie: you’ve got every base covered!