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Sales Star of the Month – April 2021

Rybrook Land Rover Conwy – Phillip James

Making the car-buying process as efficient as possible has been critical during lockdown, so everything a sales executive can do in a video to help things along is a worthwhile endeavour. We’ve seen a great example of this in our winning Sales Star of the Month for April, recorded by Phillip James at Rybrook Land Rover Conwy in North Wales.

Right at the start of the video, Phillip explains to the customer that the showroom was still closed to the public due to COVID restrictions, but that its imminent reopening meant he could offer a date for a test drive the following week. After this, he delivers a good, clear explanation of the spec of the model in question to help build customer interest, places important emphasis on new features and bodywork improvements, and uses relevant and practical examples when talking about areas like seating options. Congratulations, Phillip: a video well done!