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Most Creative CitNOW Video 2018

Most Creative CitNOW Video Winner

For the judges, Most Creative was the standout category with retailer employees highlighting some incredibly inventive uses of video which made choosing a winner from the six finalists of the 119 entries extremely difficult.

Our winner, Trustford Wilmslow used video to help locate their hard-to-find site by filming the journey from different directions and showing the dealership’s entrance. The video even included details of where to park and introduced some of the staff. What’s more, the video could be used over and again and could even be uploaded onto the general website.


Brilliantly put together, well explained, clear and concise, the video provided an unexpected touch that would instantly start a good communication dialogue with the customer. The video has since been used numerous times and has received good feedback from customers.

The judges felt the video provided an excellent and innovative response to an on-going problem and would also put a customer at ease before they have arrived at a retailer by foreseeing and eliminating unnecessary stress. An excellent example of video being used to deliver great customer service.

Highly Commended Winners

Two Highly Commended entries from Pentagon Lincoln Renault and Lookers Nissan Newcastle were also identified by the judges.  

Pentagon Lincoln Renault created a video with visual prompts to communicate with a customer who was hard of hearing.

Lookers Nissan Newcastle used video creatively with a topical theme (the Grand National), humor and a strong call to action.

Top Tips:

  • There’s no limit to how video can be used inventively
  • Imagine how video could be the solution to a specific business issue or to promote offers and events
  • Think how visual aids can help customers and get filming


Want to be apart of the 2019 CitNOW Video Awards?

We’re already taking submissions for next year so if you’ve seen a video from a team member or you think you’ve put something special together yourself, don’t leave it until next year, send it to us now. There’s no limit on entries from either businesses or individuals so even if you think you produce something better later in the year, you can still send it to us. Entries can be submitted either through our awards website or through the Dashboard.