It’s insurance for you and your customer.

How can you communicate quickly, clearly and efficiently with a customer, and third parties, to reach an agreement on the next steps? Open the lines of communication

Close up of technician polishing car alloys in the workshop

product Overview

Getting agreement on a condition assessment from a customer and insurer can be a difficult, lengthy and costly process. CitNOW Bodyshop solves these problems by allowing you to provide an accurate condition assessment of each vehicle, quickly and efficiently, for both insurers and customers. In addition, the CitNOW Bodyshop app can be used to identify non claim related work which could be upsold and repaired at the same time as the accident damage.

Get agreement from all parties, build trust, engage with customers, increase retail work conversions all through our CitNOW Bodyshop app.

Key Features


Supported by text and email message, CitNOW Bodyshop helps to keep the lines of communication clear between all parties


A brand approved email is sent to your customer with a link to their video, helping to maintain a consistent brand presence across all consumer touchpoints.


Video and still images are presented to the customer through one delivery, and one collection, mechanism


Date and time stamp, with GPS coordinates, are burnt into the video for validation purposes so everyone knows when it was taken.

Key Benefits


Everything is clear and transparent, as you show your customers the genuine parts, qualified technicians, OEM approved repair processes, all being used on their vehicle.


By using this app, the number of erroneous damage claims from customers dramatically reduces, minisiming your wasted time and reducing administration costs.


Use video to show additional work that could be completed whilst the vehicle is in your bodyshop resulting in more upsell of retail work


Create a positive and transparent relationships by using video and accompanying commentary, to give detailed justification of the repair method to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.