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Originators. Innovators. Leaders. We provide a range of app-based video solutions to answer business challenges in the automotive industry.

Our Story

Photo of Boris Huard

Our CEO, Boris Huard

In 2008 CitNOW was formed to solve one challenge, how to allow people to view cars without visiting car showrooms. Typical of the company we are today, the solution was breathtakingly easy — video. And so the automotive video industry was born.

Our first customer was automotive giant BMW and today, our video services answer business challenges for over 43 car manufacturers.

Ultimately, we listen, a lot. To you. It is your needs, your challenges, your ambitions that we answer. Of course, providing solutions to these isn’t possible unless we have a world class team. Luckily, we do.

Today, over 100 people work at CitNOW. With a team of automotive and video experts, our products have become firmly embedded across the sector. We operate in many international markets, so wherever you’re based, we’ll have people on the ground to help.

Simply put, we provide app-based video solutions for you to create a more transparent, and easy, car buying and owning, experience for your customers.

Due to continual growth and strategic acquisitions, the CitNOW Group was formed in 2021. CitNOW Group embodies several companies including CitNOW, to help provide a wider integrated set of platforms to dealerships. These companies offer value where it’s needed most and bring together many decades of industry experience to help OEM’s and dealerships achieve their goals. Learn more at the CitNOW Group website.

  • AM Awards: 2023 Winner