From showroom to front room

How can you sell to customers if they do all of their research at home? How do you build relationships if they’re sat on their sofa? You need to go to them - digitally!

A Salesman making a CitNOW in a showroom

Product Overview

CitNOW Sales takes the dealership digitally to the motorist. Specifically designed for sales executives, it provides an easy to use way to shoot, edit and send personalized videos of vehicles as a response to individual enquiries, creating trust with the customer and building lasting relationships.

In a competitive environment you need to stand out and be remembered. Use video to individually address enquiries and move the customer from research to buying mode in one simple click of a play button.

Get customers that return calls, turn up for appointments and come back to you again and again. It can take as little as 60-seconds to create a lifetime of trust.

Key Features


With the ability to record easy to make videos, tailor made for individual customer enquiries whatever the stage of their buyer's journey, and instantly improve your customer satisfaction levels.

Live video

Create an immersive customer experience and build long-lasting relationships in real-time. Developed for every stage of the customer journey, live sessions can be joined from any browser or device.


Customizable email templates, personalized landing pages, and bespoke pre and post rolls for a professional and seamless customer experience.


You don’t need to be Spielberg to create an award winning video. Stop and start as often as you want but as if by magic, create one seamless personalized video.

Rate This Video

Get critical customer insights by gathering measurable data on customer comments and feedback once they’ve engaged with their personalized CitNOW video.


Check on customer video ratings, view real time results, export reports and view staff performance all through our fully integrated dashboard.

Key Benefits


Create an instant relationship and delight customers by sending a quick and easy personalized response to build trust and emotional engagement.


Turn that trust into a long lasting relationship that results in more returned calls, replies to emails and less appointment cancellations, saving you time and money and improving customer satisfaction.


Instantly add value to your service by providing personalized videos, moving the prospect further along in their buying journey with a simple 60-second video.


Get seen going the extra mile with your personalized video communications. It’s the little touches that make the difference in a crowded marketplace.

Best Practise Porsche Glasgow

Watch our Sales app in action with this introduction from Craig Young, from Porsche Centre Glasgow. CitNOW’s 2017 Sales Video Award Winner.

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