CitNOW Video Star – Arrowhead BMW

A perfect example of selling out of state and providing customers with the highest levels of service and confidence to do so.

Customer Rated 5 out 5 and left the following comment, “This is great” and responded to SMS “Thank you Chris!!”.

This customer flew all the way from New Braunfels TX just to purchase from Chris at Arrowhead BMW because they had such a great experience. They then also created and sent this video on Instagram.

Chris commented, “C It Now has definitely impacted the car industry and really the way I sell cars. And I say this in a good way! It allows me to put more of a personal touch to every lead. In the end, for me it’s not just about the car sale, it’s about giving the Ultimate Car Buying Experience! True and genuine. No acting. I get a lot of great feed back from my customers.”

Chris made the car the star and expertly demonstrated some great features but also personalized the video to the customer by adding some information about himself, his experience and the reputation of the Store itself.