CitNOW Webinars

At CitNOW we recognise the needs of the ever evolving digital world
and have introduced contactless learning.

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Getting Started - For New Users

Remote training to get set-up and started with CitNOW.

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Webinars - For Existing Users

Webinars to enhance your video skills and knowledge.

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Getting Started - For New Users

Remote training sessions are available to get you up and running with your CitNOW solution as soon as possible.

Simply select the CitNOW app applicable to you and then choose the date you wish to attend. It’s as easy as that.

Book your Getting Started Remote Training

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Webinars - For Existing Users

Join one of our regular webinar sessions to understand how to utilise video as part of your essential customer communications solution. We’re here to help you navigate your way round the ‘new normal’ and provide you the skills and knowledge you need to fully utilise the power of video.

These sessions are for existing CitNOW users. Choose the subject you would like to hear more about and click on Book Now to find a date and time suitable for you.

Remote training to allow retailers to launch their CitNOW subscription

On average CitNOW customers rate our training 4.8 out of 5

Focused topics containing
best practice to expand knowledge and performance levels