CitNOW Video Star – Findlay Volvo Las Vegas

An excellent introduction gives your customer a great first impression of yourself. David was happy to introduce himself, even though he was wearing a face mask, by spinning the camera briefly. This enhances the emotional engagement for the customer. David then clearly explained what he will be attending to for the customer before sharing the MPI.

David’s steady, clear camera work offers transparency to the customer of items requiring attention. He demonstrates a great use of visual aids and gives a clear explanation of the work needed, based on his findings and knowledge of the vehicle history. He takes time to reassure the customer of other items that have been checked and that are in good condition.

David finishes off with a clear message with regard to next steps and a thank you. The customer rated the video 5 out of 5 stars and left the following comment: “Love these video reports. What a fabulous part of getting the car serviced from Findlay Volvo. Great explanation David.”