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Leven sales triple after introducing CitNOW Video

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Few vehicles can emulate the magic of an Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce; the exquisite attention to detail, sound of the engine and pulse-quickening looks, which is something the Leven Car Company knows very well indeed.

The Leven Car Company has been using the CitNOW Sales and Workshop apps since 2015, when it set about adding video to the customer communications mix. Staff quickly embraced the opportunity to send customers personalized videos, and their creative and thorough approach has won over legions of new fans - including a steady stream of overseas customers looking for their next car in locations as far away as Singapore.

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“Embracing video has helped us sell more cars to a broader audience, while delivering the outstanding personal experience our customers expect. The ability to visually communicate the intricate details that make our used cars truly exciting has been invaluable, and made a tangible impact on the business.”

Roddy McAllister

Leven Car Group