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Monthly Roundup – October 2022

Our mission as a product team is to develop technology that helps retailers like you save time and enhance your customer’s experience.

Alongside all the developments we make to our products, a big part of this is integrating with other suppliers, to ensure that your systems work together effectively, making you more efficient at day-to-day tasks and processes. Salesforce recently unveiled their new automotive platform at Dreamforce where they also welcomed their first ISV partners, of which we are immensely proud to be named. We’re looking forward to making some announcements about this very soon, so watch this space!

Our technology not only focuses on integrations, but also on improving the customer experience. This can be seen by looking at our recent statistics with over 90% of video’s being rated five out of five. This success is being driven by our customers maximising all the potential that video has to offer. To help you along the way, this month we have included some tips on how to perfect the Sales star walkaround along with our latest blog full of tips for creating jargon-free workshop videos. Read the full newsletter to learn more about these topics, as well as participating in our valuable industry insights survey.

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