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Car, Camera, Action!

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Improve your advert performance and drive more customer interest with guided, easy-to-create videos for all your vehicle listings.

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Online ads without images don't get viewed. We make it effortless for you to have consistent, brand-approved imagery online within hours.

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Interior 360°

Complement your image and video content with interior 360°. Take your customer's vehicle viewing experience to another level.

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*Exterior 360°

The final part of the complete digital suite. Increase advert view time by helping your customers spin and zoom into every detail.

The all-in-one app

Imagine a single app, one usable by anyone, that allows you to collect everything you need to add horsepower to your adverts and sell your vehicle stock online.

It's guided, so whatever your brand, image or video standards are you’ll still collect the right number of images, from the right angles, first time, every time.

It's quick too. Instead of waiting up to 7 days for a photographer, you can take your images, video and 360 as soon as the vehicle is retail ready. Your assets will be online in as little as two hours.

It's smart. The app plugs into how you run your business, showing you which stock vehicles need which assets and uploading automatically to the sites and the systems you use.

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Case Study: Inchcape

Turning a wishlist into reality

CitNOW partnered with Inchcape to turn long-standing industry problems into a solution. The result is CitNOW Web Video and Smart Image.

Running since September 2017 in 102 retailers, CitNOW's Web Video and Smart Image app has helped Inchcape achieve significant improvements in key group-wide KPIs including time-to-market and quality control. Download the manual to discover why now is the right time to explore in-dealer imaging and video solutions and how it impacted Inchcape's performance.

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