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How can you take full control over your digital marketing assets? How can you quickly, and easily, create all the online assets you need to market a vehicle? How can you get your vehicle up online for sale quicker?

A salesman uploading Web assets using CitNOW

product Overview

Our CitNOW Web application gives you full control over your digital marketing assets. No more costly waiting for external photographers or videographers. No wishing they had taken ‘that’ photo or recorded ‘that’ angle. The CitNOW Web app combines video with imagery and internal 360° to instantly create an accurate, extensive, visual representation of the vehicle.

Not only does it help by identifying newly stocked vehicles entirely through the app, this comprehensive package of vehicle marketing assets means you can get the car online quickly and efficiently. It also ensures you maintain all brand standards with a fully brand integrated application.

Able to integrate with your website and used vehicle locators, and with search engine results giving preference to video, the CitNOW Web app increases reach and generates pre-qualified leads — because if they’ve seen it, they believe it.

Key Features

All in one

The app does it all. From finding the gaps in your stocklist, to collecting and uploading brand-standard video, imagery and 360°.


Compatible with all major online sales portals so all you need to do is make the video, take the photo’s and the 360°. It will auto-upload to your site(s) of choice.


Intuitive and structured, with inbuilt guides to help the user step-by-step make an effective and high quality web video and wireframes to keep images to brand guidelines.


Linking directly to the CitNOW Sales app, this functionality allows a customer to request a personalised video, instantly creating an alert in the sales application. Oh, and all of their details are transferred across straight away, giving you one less thing to do

Key Benefits


Good digital assets results in more ad views, longer dwell times and more enquiries all resulting in one thing: increased sales. Not only this it can increase customer area. Video encourages people to travel further to see a car in-person so you can sell wider, and sell more.


Reduce the time stock sits on your forecourt, minimising overheads. On average, you’ll save 8.5 days on cars in stock by using video.


The ease of the app means you can get stock up for sale in as little as two hours. There is no need for an external photographer or videographer, you’re in control.

Consistency and Quality

Maintain consistency by using existing brand wireframes to collect brand approved assets across a larger range of stock. Get more assets for each vehicle, market them better.

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