We are beyond proud and delighted to have won Supplier of the Year at the AM Awards, for the third time in a row! It is an absolute honour to win again - thank you to our loyal customers and everyone who voted for us.

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Video of the Month – October 2018

We are seeing more and more creative uses of video. Here Jane Kerins at Ford retailers Sandicliffe Loughborough delivers a user-friendly information presentation on the merits of paint protection product Diamondbrite.

Paint protection may seem like a more technical turn-off but it adds both value to the customer by adding protection to their car and, of course, the retailer through increased revenue. Conveying how the product works in a short video format makes for compelling, engaging and highly informative way to get the message across. The video format is less intrusive and feels less like a ‘hard sell’ for the consumer allowing retailers to highlight products and their benefits to customers whilst at the same time impacting the bottom line.

Delivering some quite technical information in an accessible way, Jane uses a simple picture diagram to explain the environmental factors which can damage paintwork and how Diamondbrite works whilst also delivering an interior practical demonstration.

The value-adding messages such as never having to wax or polish, and a higher resale value are made clearly and succinctly. Jane delivers a great presentation on yet another use for video – how to upsell add-on products.