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Inchcape Used Cars in Burton-on-Trent

Sales executive Rob from Inchcape Used Cars in Burton-on-Trent is a strong believer in using video to communicate a car’s appeal to would-be buyers having enjoyed several successes with the CitNOW platform in his time at the business. Here he provides a textbook walk-around of a Fiat 500 which was subsequently purchased by the enquirer.

Rather than trying to pack a host of information into the few minutes of video or focus on the usual areas (mileage, alloys), Rob provides a video which highlights features likely to be of interest to the would-be buyer thereby raising levels of engagement and delivering a first-class customer experience before the person has even stepped on site.

Firstly, he provides a walk around of the car’s exterior before ensuring a full interior viewing is undertaken starting with the boot space. Inside he draws attention to specific features such as electronic windows and the city steering control which allows the driver to switch to a lighter mode for easier parking in tighter spaces.

Rob’s manner is friendly and informative and he delivers a succinct but highly insightful video walk-around of the car. In just a few minutes he identifies features like USB connections and DAB radio which he thinks will be of particular interest to the enquirer, in this case, a first-time car buyer. By fine tuning his presentation to his audience, Rob increases the likelihood of the person taking the next step as well as building a relationship prior to the person’s visit and in this case, as in many others, it was successful.