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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2022 – Best Workshop Video Winner

Kris Bell, Marshall Jaguar Land Rover Newbury

We see lots of great workshop videos that deliver clear, concise information that everyone can understand. But it’s the ones that use visual aids and go into greater depth to explain issues and measurements that really stand out, such as our Best Workshop Video winner Kris.

He uses the tyre tread depth gauge and the brake pad measurement tool extensively during the video, to put tyre and brake condition into better context for the customer. Additionally, Kris goes above and beyond to explain the consequences of not replacing items in a timely manner, helping the customer understand the importance of maintenance and repair work.

Kris uses good language throughout, keeps the intro to a minimum to get straight into the inspection, and summarises the required work well at the end – it’s no surprise that Kris has an average video rating of 4.8!