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The basic rule you’re forgetting

Andertoons Cartoon

Back to Basics You can’t make sales without customers. As one of the fundamental rules of retail, whether you’re selling vehicles, clothes or light fittings, you would think that customer service would be the one area of business that everyone focused on getting right. But you’d be wrong. Earlier this year, research revealed that 50% of inquiries to the automotive sector didn’t get a response. As perhaps you would hope, dealers did slightly better than OEMS, getting back to 66% of the inquiries that they received, but let’s not kid ourselves – that still means that out of every 3 inbound inquiries to a dealership, 1 received absolutely no response. Is business really doing that well that dealers can afford to ignore customers? And that’s before we even start looking at how long it takes dealers to respond. One third of dealers failed to respond to inquiries within four hours…. Read more »

Dancing chickens: the future of car marketing?


Last Monday, Mercedes-Benz released a video that has now been viewed over 3 and a half million times on Youtube. Its star? A dancing chicken. You wouldn’t have thought that the best way to advertise the adaptive stability control of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle would be a chicken showing off its moves but 3 and a half million people apparently disagree with you. In the ad itself, there is no Mercedes-Benz in the background, no prominent branding, not even a call to action besides the social media links. There is only a series of chickens being moved by safety-procedure-compliant gloved hands while Diana Ross sings jauntily in the background. So why does it work so well? And how can you can use CitNOW to perform the same trick? 1. It’s incredibly watchable. Not only do you find yourself pressing repeat, but it sort of makes you want to grab a chicken… Read more »

Look into my crystal ball: the future of retail


Automotive businesses around the globe are already redefining what a brick and motor dealer looks like. Innovations like Kia’s Red Cube redesign and Audi’s digital showroom prove that while the automotive industry may be lagging behind in the digitalisation race, we’re finally getting the idea. All the dealers who’ve signed up to CitNOW, both in the UK and abroad, to make digital vehicle presentations as an integral part of their car marketing strategy are further evidence of on-target market awareness that’s sweeping through the industry. But what does the future hold? Will we end up completing the whole car buying process on the internet, seeing, liking and buying all digitally? How does automotive retail fit in with the wider market? The road ahead Ecoconsultancy had a talk with Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, a company specialising in digital marketing, and he had plenty to say about how the future of the physical… Read more »

Video marketing in the battle for the gamers: PS4 vs Xbox One


Sony know how to tease. They’ve been releasing coy shots of their long-awaited Playstation 4 for months now, but the moment of truth finally came at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles last night, where they revealed the final product. What’s all the fuss about, you might wonder. Even as an occasional gamer myself (oh, if only there were more hours in a day), I have little interest in the product design itself. However, in the $65 billion video game industry, Sony knows better than anyone that customer experience is key – and that starts long before they even turn the console on. This is especially true when facing such a formidable rival as Microsoft. Their latest offering, the Xbox One, was also finally revealed at the E3 convention – a few hours before its Sony counterpart. However, in the game of gaming, Sony is edging ahead: for every… Read more »

Food for thought: how wide is your marketing net?


Quality and good value for money. Not an easy marriage but in an age of mobility and information, the pressure is on businesses to provide – or clients will take their custom elsewhere. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in the world of gastronomy. With an increasing emphasis on eating healthily food chains have taken to offering well-priced, lower calorie alternatives to their staple products. Pizza Express for example has recently launched a ‘healthier choices’ menu, offering dishes under 300 and 500 calories, with the tagline ‘we don’t believe dieting should be a prison sentence‘. Quality and value. Hello Fresh has taken things one step further. Identifying consumer demand for fast, nutritional and economical food, they deliver a box of step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients to customers’ homes every week. They offer a fair degree of flexibility, allowing you to choose how many meals, for how many people, and, to a limited degree, which… Read more »