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The basic rule you’re forgetting

Andertoons Cartoon

Back to Basics You can’t make sales without customers. As one of the fundamental rules of retail, whether you’re selling vehicles, clothes or light fittings, you would think that customer service would be the one area of business that everyone focused on getting right. But you’d be wrong. Earlier this year, research revealed that 50% of inquiries to the automotive sector didn’t get a response. As perhaps you would hope, dealers did slightly better than OEMS, getting back to 66% of the inquiries that they received, but let’s not kid ourselves – that still means that out of every 3 inbound inquiries to a dealership, 1 received absolutely no response. Is business really doing that well that dealers can afford to ignore customers? And that’s before we even start looking at how long it takes dealers to respond. One third of dealers failed to respond to inquiries within four hours…. Read more »

Bacon, football and your dealership


‘I’ll have what she’s having’. Anyone who’s been to a Crepe Affaire in London knows that this refers to the one and only fresh strawberry, chocolate and cream pancake. The idea is that no-one who has taste buds could see someone eating a crepe overflowing with strawberries, chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream and not want one. Right now.   It’s like a snowball: the more popular something is, the more people want it, the more popular it becomes. When it comes to social media, this has some strange results. For example, there are 30 million monthly searches on cats and 6 million on bacon . Cats, specifically funny or cute videos of cats, dominate Youtube, while bacon is the King of Facebook. And evil marketing masterminds have used this to their advantage: Cravendale Milk introduced an advert called ‘Cats with Thumbs’ and saw an increase of 8% in their sales…. Read more »

An Amazon Customer Experience For Your Dealership


  Have you ever had an ‘Amazon’ experience? Many of us have, some of us swear by them. Although their price is competitive, they’re not always the cheapest, but I invariably choose them over cheaper rivals because I trust them. Its not only trust they have instilled in their customers over time; my shopping experience has also evolved as they’ve introduced new functionality to their website, don’t I mean their ‘shop’, which has also kept me coming back. They now sell second hand versions of books so I don’t always have to buy new; and if I need it quickly they have express delivery, guaranteeing me next day arrival. They even let me read the book just like in a bricks and mortar store, so I can make sure it’s what I’m really after before I buy it. I can track where my parcel is, I can have multiple delivery… Read more »