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Social Media for Car Dealers – You Must Converse to Convert

BMW Social Media example

We have all seen the stats for social media and yes it is obvious car dealers target audience’s are out there. One of the main problems dealers face is how to grab the audience by the scruff of the neck and make them listen, which is a real challenge. When using Facebook or Twitter account many dealers are interested in one thing, that’s converting followers to sales leads by constantly attempting to sell, sell, sell. Recently I had to remove a number of companies who were spamming my news feed with continous sales chatter. Many dealers struggle to find time to simply converse with followers as part of their social media car marketing strategy; we think this is a wasted opportunity. However you must earn the right to converse – and converse in the correct manner. Social media is the place to converse within a relaxed environment, rather a coffee… Read more »