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The Greatest Psychological Tool you’ve never heard of


Psychology and the Car Industry Have you ever heard of the ‘contrast principle’* Even if you haven’t, if you work in the car industry it is operating all around you. In the layout of your dealership, embedded in your sales process, it even changes the way you speak. The ‘contrast principle’ is an extremely powerful psychological tool used by sellers, speakers and just about everybody. Whenever anyone needs to compare two or more items but provide a clear, single choice for the consumer, they will use the contrast principle. It’s everywhere, it’s unstoppable: the only way to get past it is to go through it. It gives “the ability to manipulate without the appearance of manipulation” via our brains’ natural tendency to emphasise differences between items we see or hear.** So what does that mean? Well, look at it this way. If a beautiful model stands next to a less attractive… Read more »

How you and Formula One have the same problem


The saying goes that insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. As Sebastian Vettel eased to his fifth win in as many races, pretty much chiselling his name onto a fourth world title, it could be said that people still watching the race are insane. What’s even more obvious though is that it is BORING. It’s not that Vettel isn’t a stunning driver – his team mate Mark Webber’s 5th position in the overall standings shows that it isn’t just all about the car. It’s not even that he isn’t a great champion – he’s known as a nice, humble guy, who isn’t above laughing at himself. The fact is that watching the best man in the best car again and again isn’t that interesting. With Vettel comfortably seeing out race after race, a certain boredom has fallen over the lucrative and usually spectacular affair… Read more »

The higher the bar, the further the fall


Expectations. We all have them. Of ourselves, of our families, of our colleagues. Before you buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks, you have an expectation of the service you will receive, the price you will pay, the taste of the product. Those expectations form a large part of our satisfaction with our experiences: the higher the expectation, the harder it is to achieve a sense of its realisation. This means that, in the car marketing arena, an understanding of your customers’ expectations is essential to your ability to satisfy them. Volkswagen have harnessed this fact in an effort to capture after-sales business. In a world where price is so often prioritised over brand, franchised dealerships consistently struggle to retain customers’ business after the initial purchase. Enter VW’s latest after-sales campaign, whereby they offer to match any genuine like for like quote for repairs that use VW parts in a set radius around the dealership. One franchised… Read more »

An Amazon Customer Experience For Your Dealership


  Have you ever had an ‘Amazon’ experience? Many of us have, some of us swear by them. Although their price is competitive, they’re not always the cheapest, but I invariably choose them over cheaper rivals because I trust them. Its not only trust they have instilled in their customers over time; my shopping experience has also evolved as they’ve introduced new functionality to their website, don’t I mean their ‘shop’, which has also kept me coming back. They now sell second hand versions of books so I don’t always have to buy new; and if I need it quickly they have express delivery, guaranteeing me next day arrival. They even let me read the book just like in a bricks and mortar store, so I can make sure it’s what I’m really after before I buy it. I can track where my parcel is, I can have multiple delivery… Read more »

Customer Reviews: Renault reveal plans for a new dealer rating system


Renault have adopted a new service which allows customers to share experiences at each of Renault’s network of dealerships.  Following the purchase of a new Renault or after visiting an aftersales department, customers will be contacted by Renault’s Customer Satisfaction team and asked about the experience. Renault says “the new transparent system will allow customers to see the previous performance of the dealership and will promote the high level of customer experience enjoyed by customers”. So how important are customer reviews for other prospective customers whether buying a car or needing a service?  90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know, 70% trust opinions of unknown users. David Johnson of Persuasive Concepts states that one peer recommendation is worth 200 traditional media impressions. The benefits of a customer review is that it helps other prospective customers make a more informed choice. If a customer provides a review saying… Read more »