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An absolutely stunning step forward in automotive video

New GP Circuit

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sit in the cockpit of a formula one car at Silverstone and experience the raw acceleration and power of some of the world’s fastest automobiles? Well, although you can book in your own car in to the track, the opportunities to get behind the wheel of an actual F1 car are extremely limited. Yet a remarkable video released by Mercedes and powered by Visualise puts you head to head with Lewis Hamilton as he bullets around one of the world’s favourite circuits. The amazing aspect of the video is that it eliminates dead space; it can pan and zoom 360 degrees. So if you want to view the sky, or ground or tyre walls rush past, or watch the drivers reactions, all you have to do is drag your mouse to pan across. Go ahead check it out. The effect is even… Read more »

Getting serious about lead nurturing

lead nurturing

Bringing in prospects and leads should be the marketing team’s top priority. So it’s no wonder that a recent AM-Online article stated that automotive advertisers spent more than £70 million on lead generation activities in 2013. The article goes on to state that, “The internet is without doubt the first starting point for consumers looking to buy a car and with the latest Google stats telling us that 94% of car buyers start their research online, it is imperative that manufacturers and dealers showcase their brand and offers very early on in the buying cycle, in order to capture the interest of early bird consideration buyers.” In a traditional marketing funnel, there are three main stages: lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion (purchase). Everyone talks about what to do for the first and third stages; getting new leads and closing more deals. Unfortunately, most dealers miss the mark when… Read more »

How you and Formula One have the same problem


The saying goes that insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. As Sebastian Vettel eased to his fifth win in as many races, pretty much chiselling his name onto a fourth world title, it could be said that people still watching the race are insane. What’s even more obvious though is that it is BORING. It’s not that Vettel isn’t a stunning driver – his team mate Mark Webber’s 5th position in the overall standings shows that it isn’t just all about the car. It’s not even that he isn’t a great champion – he’s known as a nice, humble guy, who isn’t above laughing at himself. The fact is that watching the best man in the best car again and again isn’t that interesting. With Vettel comfortably seeing out race after race, a certain boredom has fallen over the lucrative and usually spectacular affair… Read more »

10.7 million automotive searches


According to research by digital marketing agency Greenlight, in August this year, there were more than 10.7 million searches made by consumers looking for cars. That means that every minute there were over 239 searches on the Internet for a vehicle in one month alone. But how does that figure break down and what does it mean for your dealership? In short, in the natural search rankings, Audi and BMW came out on top, claiming between them 8% of all manufacturer searches, and London dealers were the dominant search parameters in the dealer searches. Unsurprisingly was the most visible automotive website. In the paid media rankings, the Sunday Times was the most visible paid advertiser, followed closely by Almost all of the searches were  manufacturer driven: out of 10,754,300 searches, only 17,170 were for dealers. Statistically speaking that means that 100% of the searches were manufacturer related. The most searched for manufacturers… Read more »

Know your enemy: who’s taking your business?


No-one’s ever won a war without first learning all there is to know about their enemy. Whether in sport, retail or family politics, knowledge is power and it’s no different in the automotive world. So who’s stealing your business? Please meet our primary contender in the Aftersales arena: Kwikfit. Now, before you dismiss them as the enemy of yesteryear, take a good hard look at what they’ve been doing recently. While they may have caused ripples initially when they began conquering the tyre market, they’re now trying to edge into the fleet domain. Founded in 1971 there are now over 600 Kwikfit centres in the UK alone and their name has become synonymous with in and out quick service. After a challenging year in 2012, seeing profits plummet by an alleged 67%, they are upping their game. Having piloted their new outlet style at 8 of their largest sites, the… Read more »