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Using technology to deliver the customer experience


Customers want more in-store gadgets According to retail technology company Omnico Group, retailers are falling behind their tech-savvy customers in the adoption of new technologies such as tablet devices.* To the detriment of the customer experience. With tablets, smartphones and wearable technology such as Google Glasses increasingly embedded in people’s lives, exposure to new technologies that offer convenience, timesaving and a wow factor, has vastly increased. Yet Omnico found that only 10% of UK shoppers have ever seen the equivalent technology in use in brick and mortar dealerships. This slow adoption of now familiar technology is leading to customer frustration. Steve Thomas, CTO at Omnico said:  “Retail customers are not asking for the earth, but rather for a fuss-free service that saves time, increases convenience and improves their overall experience.” As Digital Dealer reports, half of the 2,007 UK adults surveyed said they would like to be able to use in-store… Read more »


How to boost your CitNOW video open rates Customers love personalised video, but this is not something they always get to discover if your CitNOWs go unwatched. Each CitNOW watched delivers customer satisfaction and trust, leading to more cars sold and more red work converted. So you need to make sure your CitNOWs are viewed. One of the best ways to ensure your CitNOW is watched is by setting the customer’s expectations. With CitNOW Workshop, let yourcustomers know that as part of the service you will send to their email address a message and a report on the status of their vehicle. This can either be done via a handout, flyer or by your Service Advisor team.  With CitNOW Sales you may want to keep the video as a surprise to retain a wow factor, but you can still let the customer know to keep an eye on their inbox!… Read more »

AM Aftersales Conference 2014


With only a week before the AM Aftersales Conference on 8th April, we’re shoulder-deep getting ready to learn about the latest aftersales trends and most pressing matters. CitNOW is sponsor at this year’s conference and we’re thrilled to contribute during the several workshops and presentations. Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW is teaming up with Richard Spencer, the aftersales director of Ridgway Group to host a workshop entitled, ”How to massively increase red and amber conversion with video.” You won’t want to miss it. The CitNOW Workshop at AM Aftersales Conference The workshop will cover the changing shift in the aftersales market and what a deaership can do to add video to their service process. To stay profitable, dealers need to keep existing customers longer and increase electronic health check system (eVHC) red and amber conversions. Adding video to the aftersales service process has proven to increase transparency and trust with customers, leading to overall increases in… Read more »

The ironic shift between sales and aftersales


There’s an interesting transformation happening at dealerships today between sales and aftersales. In many ways, the roles of salesman and service technician are swapping places. The switch Service technicians and advisors today are being armed with video tools like CitNOW (and other video tools) to visually show their customers exactly where their vehicle needs work. With these new technologies, service technicians now spend more time in front of customers than ever before. A short video gives the service technician the ability to speak directly with a customer about the health of their vehicle, something that has rarely been done in the past. This shift has lead to many dealerships equipping their service technicians with sales training to be confident in their recommendations for vehicle repairs. In the current environment, a good technician who can give quality recommendations will be a natural salesman. Never before have service technicians been considered heroes… Read more »

The Power of Mobile- Would you buy a car on your phone?


With smart phones becoming ever smarter, and mobile Internet getting faster, the revolution that began with search is going mobile, and the world with it. As super-quick 4G rolls out across the UK, customers are searching more on their mobile phones and are showing greater willing to spend large amounts online. Currently, clothes, music, food and tech gadgets are all bought habitually online, and the number and price of cyber-purchased products is growing relentlessly. We’ve witnessed this increasing trust in digital content. Stories from CitNOW-enabled sales executives tell of cars sold to customers in different countries, and even different continents, the furthest afield being Brazil! All because of an email sent to them containing a link to a CitNOW of their car. But could this become the future of automotive retail? Well, with global online car sales expected to increase eightfold by 2025, taking a full quarter of the market, digital showrooms… Read more »