London Grand Prix

Who’s heard the exciting news that Bernie Ecclestone plans to have a Grand Prix in London?

This news will certainly have mixed views from the public, but all those car fanatics will be ecstatic with the news. People will be lining the streets of London to check out the celebs racing round London city.

The plans for the grand prix have also been supported by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. We can only hope that this pipeline dream of Bernie Ecclestone will be approved, so Britain will have another major event to host in London after the Queen’s Jubilee, and the Olympics this year. That’s if it all goes to plan.

At CitNOW we hope they manage to fill in all the potholes before the race or it could be quite a bumpy ride.

A view from the trenches 

At CitNOW it’s always really interesting to see how some of our dealers add their own personal touch to their videos.  This week, we spotted what a great tour Dennis Kay gave of his dealership and the staff working there.  As good as being there!


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