Google test driver-less car


Who would have thought a driver-less car would be viable to purchase in the near future?

Google are currently testing the modified Toyota Prius on the roads of Nevada. The first question we’re going to ask when we meet them on Thursday is why are they doing this testing?

Either way, this will eventually have a massive impact on the motoring world.

The driver-less car will completely change consumer’s perception and no doubt their purchasing behaviour. Imagine you’ve just purchased your first driver-less car. The paperwork will all be done online and the car delivers itself to the customer without your salesperson needing to meet them at all.

Fanciful nonsense? How many cars do you sell a year already where the salesperson doesn’t meet the customer? The only difference is the car could be seen, bought and dispatched in the time it takes to boil a kettle (assuming that we’ll be boiling anything at that point).

Aside from the driverless bit, customers are already using the internet to narrow their search for a car before they finally make contact with you. If they do, you’ve made their shortlist of 4 and you’ve now got one chance to make the sale.

This is another illustration of how the buying experience is changing with technology. How does it affect us all?

New and updated technology affects our work and social life. Changes in our social life are much easier to control and easier to embrace, but using new technology at work can often be daunting. The decision making process is often out of our control.

Can we prepare for future changes?

Yes, more in terms of attitude than anything else. But remember, life throws us curveballs and the only real preparations we can take are to approach change positively, and to recognise that change is a constant.

At CitNOW we believe anticipating the needs of our customers, i.e. we will help you to stand out from the crowd.

A view from the trenches

Check out this creative video from Menzie Mini:

Chris Swan thought of this brilliant idea when a customer mentioned he had a Labrador, and was worried about the size of the boot in the Mini Countryman. The customer was very impressed with the personalised video, and turned up to the dealership to buy the car that afternoon. Murdo even got a bone from the customer for his role in the CitNOW video.

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