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How’s your social life?


The days have all but disappeared when a customer’s car buying experience centred on magazines, brochures and newspapers for gathering information. The advent of the Internet with search engines like Google means no one is far away from all the facts when making a car purchasing decision. Real time information at a customer’s fingertips means even less need to make a trip to the dealership until it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t believe me check out these facts from the Google Gearshift Report in 2010: Over half of all customers start their purchase journey online. 8 out of 10 people use the internet for research at some point Of the 78% who research online – 63% use manufacturers websites, 56% dealer’s websites and 21% blogs. Showroom visits are declining rapidly – in 2010 25% of all customers only went to one dealership. Hands up who’s got a blog? No? Why… Read more »

Customer Reviews: Renault reveal plans for a new dealer rating system


Renault have adopted a new service which allows customers to share experiences at each of Renault’s network of dealerships.  Following the purchase of a new Renault or after visiting an aftersales department, customers will be contacted by Renault’s Customer Satisfaction team and asked about the experience. Renault says “the new transparent system will allow customers to see the previous performance of the dealership and will promote the high level of customer experience enjoyed by customers”. So how important are customer reviews for other prospective customers whether buying a car or needing a service?  90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know, 70% trust opinions of unknown users. David Johnson of Persuasive Concepts states that one peer recommendation is worth 200 traditional media impressions. The benefits of a customer review is that it helps other prospective customers make a more informed choice. If a customer provides a review saying… Read more »